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The most familiar, and historically the oldest, types of manufactured glass are silicate" glasses" based on the chemical compound silica silicon dioxide, or quartz the primary constituent of sand. Soda-lime glass, containing around 70 silica, accounts for around 90 of manufactured glass.
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Le film a réussit à faire cohabiter chacun d'entre' eux en leur offrant à chacun une partie pour exister: la première partie du film pour David Dunn, la deuxième pour Kevin, et la troisième et dernière partie pour Mr Glass.
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67, 1 for what lady can abide to love a spruce silken-face courtier, that stands every morning two or three hours learning how to look by his glass, how to speak by his glass, how to sigh by his glass, how to court his mistress by his glass?
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Another familiar special glass is the lead crystal glass used in the manufacture of superior tableware; by using lead monoxide PbO as a flux, it is possible to obtain a glass with a high refractive index and, consequently, the desired sparkle and brilliance.
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2: a drinking container made of glass. 3 glasses plural: a pair of glass or plastic lenses held in a frame and used to help a person see clearly or to protect the eyes. 4: the contents of a glass a glass of milk.
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David Ehrlich of IndieWire gave the film a C" and called it the biggest disappointment of Shyamalan's' career: The" trouble with Glass isn't' that its creator sees his own reflection at every turn, or that he goes so far out of his way to contort the film into a clear parable for the many stages of his turbulent career; the trouble with Glass is that its mildly intriguing meta -textual narrative is so much richer and more compelling than the asinine story that Shyamalan tells on its surface" 58 Writing for Rolling Stone, David Fear gave the film three out of five stars: Glass is not the flaming flop some folks have already suggested it is, nor is it the movie you want in terms of tying ambitious, highfalutin'' notions together about how we process our pulp mythos.

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