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Interior Definition Meaning - Merriam-Webster.
Adjective a large car with lots of interior room the novel's' characters have plenty of adventures, but their interior lives are never explored Noun a black car with gray leather interior the interior of the house They traveled deep into the interior of Australia.
Interior design - Wikipedia.
a b Edwards, Clive 4 February 2013. Complete" House Furnishers: The Retailer as Interior Designer in Nineteenth-Century London." Journal of Interior Design. Amanda" Girling-Budd's' Statement." Archived from the original on 2012-08-29. Howe, Katherine S. Herter Brothers: Furniture and Interiors for a Gilded Age.
Interior design Dezeen. dezeen-logo. dezeen-logo.
Indian studio Renesa has used earthy-hued masonry to form the entire facade and interior of a brick manufacturer's' showroom in New Delhi. Natasha Levy 5 January 2022 Leave a comment. Max Lamb crafts minimalist altar for St John Chrysostom Church.
INTERIOR meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
The interior is spare, almost minimalist. The church has an ornate black and white marbled interior. The interior was extensively damaged in the fire. Grassland covers almost all of the country's' interior. Cattle ranches occupy most of the country's' interior. Wörterbuch: interior: Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzung.
Übersetzung en tabellarisch anzeigen immer. Übersetzungen mit gleichem Wortanfang. int Inter Interior. an interior interiors. Department of the Interior DoI. Department of the Interior DoI Interior Interior Department. interior midland upcountry. inner interior internal. home interior internal national. Innenausstattung f automot.

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